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This site is dedicated to indivuals who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, grief, loss, and/or drug addiction. The goal is to aid people in recovery, spirituality, and growth.
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Lost No More...A Mother's Spiritual Journey Through Her Son's Addiction.

Once read that “life is a journey leading us down paths yet untraveled.  We learn from where we have been, making us better prepared for where we are going.” The years that I built strength, courage and faith to live with my son’s addiction, prepared me to take him off life support on 4/24/07, when he lost his battle to addiction.  I believe that his soul is finally at peace. But how do those of us left behind find a way to live life again?

When my sons were born, I envisioned a meaningful, joyful and healthy family life with them. I saw an education for us all, spouses, children/grandchildren and a strong connection with God….Sunday dinners at Grandma Marilyn’s house.

I Never Saw It Coming

What I never saw coming was a drug addiction that would change that vision forever. I expected to build my sense of faith and trust through a wonderful life with family… however that was not in God’s plan. Trust, faith, my belief in miracles, and hope came instead from acceptance and letting of fear and the need to control what I couldn’t.

Lost No More…a Mother’s Spiritual Journey Through Her Son’s Addiction”… is my story…written from the heart.  I talk very intimately about my fears and struggles to lead my son to a safe and drug free life and what it took for me to take him off life support to finally set his soul free.  I prayed often for him to be “OK” and when he lost his battle to addiction…I worked hard to accept that he is finally “OK”.

This book will help those struggling with addiction

This book is a must read for parents and loved ones who must live without their loved ones who have lost their battle.  It is real and insightful… because I had to take a trip to the bottom of my heart in order for it to be written.