Excerpts From the Book

From the Collier County Jail on August 12, 2005, Chris wrote in a letter to me…”Ma, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger”. Chris was taken off life support and struggled to breath for 16 hours until he finally passed away on April 24, 2007.  

I wanted to believe him that he could control his addiction….he would be the one to survive and tell his story in the rooms of NA… until he lost his battle to addiction on April 24, 2007. It DID take his life and it DID make me stronger. My son’s belief about life will forever resonate in my mind.

In a letter written to me from the Collier County Jail in 2005, he wrote ” I have learned ALOT about myself, life, good, and bad and have knowledge beyond my years. I know God has a path for me that’ll affect many lives, and I am so willing to get there. Just keep praying ma…because I know its working. I love you, Chris”
Strangely enough, seven years after his death, I clearly understand what he knew to be the truth. I prayed before he was even born, for his peace and safety and my prayers were answered. But not in the way, I expected. A decision had to be made to take him off life support or begin dialysis and transport him to his permanent home…a nursing home.

I Had A Dream

The night before this decision was to be made, I had a dream. It was very clear. My son was crying and apologizing for everything he put us through. He asked me to please let him go…”I’m already gone ma, I am not going to help others through a longer life on earth…I need you to write a book for me…that is how I will do what I came to do…” The dream gave me the strength to set him free…and after much agonizing and many other dreams from Chris, a year later, the book was started.

Much of the content of the book, including it’s first chapter entitled “The End”, photo’s for the cover, etc. came to me through explicit dreams from Chris…that is why the publisher felt that Chris should be the co-author of the book…and so he is.