Lost No More…A Mother’s Spiritual Journey Through Her Son’s Addiction” has a 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com

My son assured me in my dream, that he was going to help people through this book, not a longer life on earth. Today unfortunately, our governor has declared Ohio in a state of emergency due to heroin addiction/overdose.

More then 2/3 of American families have been touched by addiction. We all know someone who is suffering or has died from an overdose or complications due to addiction.

Lost No More…A Mother’s Spiritual Journey Through Her Son’s Addiction” has been helpful to others living this nightmare…and here are a few of the testimonials taken from Amazon and through direct correspondence to me, the author.

"Parents are faced everyday with tough choices and this book helps them, and the rest is up to them and the Lord."
"This was by far the best book I've ever read. I really related to the author with the story of my struggle with my step son..."
"Marilyn Burns captures the heart-wrenching, intense and spiritual struggle of her son's drug addiction in her book, "Lost No More". Not only does this book tell the story of a mother's fight to lead her son to sobriety, but it is also an outstanding guide for those struggling with drug addiction."
"Great insight into understanding and accepting losing a loved one to addiction. Prayers for continued peace to the family and friends."
"This is a well written story of how addictions take control of our lives and no matter how hard we work at it, we loose our sense of being and then the journey leads us to death.."
"This book needs to be read by anyone who has lost a loved one. "

Some additional comments on lectures are as follows

"Thank you for sharing your faith journey with us. You have made bold choices for your life amidst loss and we know others are helped because of your call to share and write."
"The personal and professional information you shared was very relevant and important, as well as beneficial to not only our committee but hopefully the entire bar association as we work to spread your message of hope."